Solar hot water Sydney residents is the way of the future. It is cheaper, more energy efficient, and it helps to protect the environment. You have probably seen your friends or neighbors using solar hot water Sydney residents, but do you know how it works?

How it Works

The solar collection panels (or collector) are placed on the roof of your home or business. The solar panels absorb the sunlight and transfer it into heat energy. This heat is conducted through copper pipes from the solar panels into a holding tank.

Whenever the sun is shining, the solar panels are collecting energy to heat your water. During cold months, they may need the help of an auxiliary power source like a gas or electric heating unit to heat the water. But typically, you can use solar power year round to warm your water.

The panels themselves are lightweight glass constructs with aluminum sheeting. These materials are excellent at absorbing and conducting thermal energy.

How You Can Access Solar Hot Water

It is easier than ever to find the right solar water heating setup for your home or business.  Solar installation companies often give your free quotes straight from their websites. If you live in Sydney or the surrounding areas, they can come out to your home or place of business and give you a more exact quote.

They can help you determine how many solar panels you will need and what kind of solar powered heating system will work best for you. And with a number of government rebates aimed at helping people who switch to solar power, making the change is cheaper than ever.

Get a free quote today and find out how fast and easy you could make the switch to solar hot water Sydney residents.